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Privacy #

This site is not tracking you. It doesn't make any third-party requests to services like Google Fonts for example, and to my knowledge there is no user data is being collected. Checks are being carried out using:

This ensures that the above statements stay true and the site runs as fast as possible. Images are now all local (previously being served by ArtStation) with any webp files being compressed and converted by Squoosh!. In conjunction with this, the Eleventy image plugin is being used.

It would appear that using the AVIF format can cause colours in the images to be misrepresented. If you wish to get around this then you can change the file extension of the image to .webp.

I am using Eleventy v2.0.1 with Cloudflare Pages to deploy the site. This site started as the eleventy-base-blog made by zachleat. Previously, this site was using Hugo.