Sinkie Soldiers (Game Jam Submission)

• Updated:

  • unreal engine
  • blender
  • gimp
  • fl studio
  • personal

Submission to Ukie Student Game Jam 2024, our team consisted of myself and Sam Griffiths.

The jam ran from March 14th 2024 9:00 AM to March 15th 2024 5:00 PM.

Sinkie Soldiers Logo

Keep control of the castle, and more importantly: your armour.

Sinkie Soldiers is a local co-op versus game in which you battle against your friends for control of the castle! Your goal is to break down the integrity of your enemy’s armour and finish them off to claim the victory.

The game is located on a kids bouncy castle play area and is based around what they might be imagining whilst playing there.

Sinkie Soldiers Characters

Sinkie Soldiers Environment

Sinkie Soldiers Playtest


  • First to reach 3 rounds wins
  • Win a round by either:
    • Removing all the other players armour and eliminating them
    • Making the enemy player fall into the water below the arena
  • There are pickups and random level modifiers included. Currently these are:
    • The Halo - One additional hit point
    • Slippery floor
    • Low gravity
    • Obstacle overdrive


It is recommended to use 2 controllers.

  • Movement - Left thumbstick
  • Camera - Right thumbstick
  • Jump - Bottom face button
  • Attack - Right trigger

In menus

  • Play - Bottom face button
  • Quit - Right face button


  • If playing on keyboard, WASD to move, Mouse to look around, and Left Mouse Click to Attack and select menu items.

Third-party assets list