Sinkie Soldiers (Game Jam Submission) personal Keep control of the castle, and more importantly: your armour.
Kikimora education A narrative driven horror game prototype done as a university project.
Smaller personal projects personal • Collection A collection of smaller personal projects.
Pasikdhar personal Depiction of the staircase in my home being haunted by a night terror.
A Long Way Down (Demo) education A Long Way Down is a short, atmospheric linear adventure created alongside my friend and teammate Sam as a project for our FdA Games and Interactive Design degree.
Digital Artefact: Corridor (Incomplete) education A virtual production horror environment made in Unreal Engine 5 and inspired by The Shining.
Mortis personal 1 Corinthians 15:26 - The last enemy to be destroyed is death.
Camouflage Store client work Camouflage is a family run outdoor clothing and equipment business, which started in 2007. We also provide consultation to a major MOD Supplier. This includes product concept design and testing. With these partnerships we are able to provide the best possible products, designed, tested and proven.
Unreleased projects personal • Collection Unreleased and incomplete projects.
The Batman education The Bat and The Cat Trailer Shot Remake in Unreal Engine 5 & DaVinci Resolve.
Astronaut personal Astronaut (Lighting and Camera Test)
Studying Spider personal Just a smart looking little spider I made in a couple lessons at college.
UntitledArmy Inspired Character personal A stylised character design inspired by the work of UntitledArmy.
Firespline personal A fire animation test presented in a small cave scene.
Kraken in the Cupboard personal Mythical depiction of the Kraken bursting its way out of a bookcase cupboard.
Terry's Mango Juice 'N' Stuff personal Themed mango juice render done to test combining 3D product rendering with 2D packaging work.
Tomb personal A moody sacrifice scene taking place in a tomb created to test SSGI in Blender Eevee.
Logofolio client work • Collection An ongoing collection of branding and logos designs.
Nightmare education Little Nightmares inspired game demo and environment completed for my college final major project.
Megascans Artworks personal • Collection A small collection of artworks made with Megascans assets.
3D Package Design personal 3D Package Design inspired by Derek Elliott.
Discord Bot education AQA Computer Science NEA project based around creating a Discord bot.
Sixth Form Artworks education • Collection Assorted artwork completed in my time at sixth form.
WebBoss (Work experience) client work Designs created for WebBoss as part of my work experience in sixth form.