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Digital Artefact: Corridor (Incomplete)

Digital Artefact: Corridor (Incomplete) #

The outcome I went into this project expecting was that I would produce an environment made entirely from scratch which I could create a short test virtual production shot in utilising a motion capture camera rig and live keying. Later I would then properly composite the two bits of footage together.

This project is presented here in the state it was upon the university deadline. There were a couple issues that occurred towards the end of production which I will go into here to explain why the project is listed as incomplete.

The evening before the hand-in date, I got home, plugged in my storage drive, and all of the recent changes I had made had gone. The majority of the files were present however the project was openable as files it was dependant on had vanished. All Unreal projects including my backups of previous stages were also now not working. I carried out disk recovery on the drive and found some missing files such as the filmed elements but these were corrupted and would no longer play. I did however still have a backup of the Blender scene complete with all the texturing work and lighting. I decided I would do my best to carry on with the project even if I was missing elements that were required for the final effect. What I decided upon was that I would redo the greenscreen filmed element in my kitchen using things I could find around my house. This is what is visible as part of my final hand-in. I am still very proud of what I was able to produce since all of the aspects are there, they are just not combined together.

Progress 5 for Digital Artefact: Corridor project

Using Lumen for global illumination.

Progress 4 for Digital Artefact: Corridor project

Set the project to use deprecated hardware raytracing instead of Lumen, which resulted in the light spill on the walls being fixed.

Progress 3 for Digital Artefact: Corridor project

First steps of migrating the scene over to Unreal Engine. Focusing on recreating the lights from Blender into Lumen. I am having issues softening up the shadows being cast from the light shade and wall mounting.

Progress 2 for Digital Artefact: Corridor project

Modelled a new scene design by creating repeatable assets in Blender and utilising collection instancing.

Progress 1 for Digital Artefact: Corridor project

Initial idea made and presented in Blender for the project pitch.

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