Digital Artefact: Corridor (Incomplete)

  • unreal engine
  • blender
  • davinci resolve
  • photoshop
  • education

The outcome I went into this project expecting was that I would produce an environment made entirely from scratch which I could create a short test virtual production shot in utilising a motion capture camera rig and live keying. Later I would then properly composite the two bits of footage together.

This project is presented here in the state it was upon the university deadline. There were a couple issues that occurred towards the end of production which is why the project is listed as incomplete.

Progress 5 for Digital Artefact: Corridor project

Using Lumen for global illumination.

Progress 4 for Digital Artefact: Corridor project

Set the project to use deprecated hardware raytracing instead of Lumen, which resulted in the light spill on the walls being fixed.

Progress 3 for Digital Artefact: Corridor project

First steps of migrating the scene over to Unreal Engine. Focusing on recreating the lights from Blender into Lumen. I am having issues softening up the shadows being cast from the light shade and wall mounting.

Progress 2 for Digital Artefact: Corridor project

Modelled a new scene design by creating repeatable assets in Blender and utilising collection instancing.

Progress 1 for Digital Artefact: Corridor project

Initial idea made and presented in Blender for the project pitch.

Virtual production DaVinci Resolve delta key

Wallpaper peel test